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High reliability products to enable long lasting mission critical systems

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With inherent SEU Resiliency, single chip non-volatile crypto solutions, and wide operating temperature range Lattice offers modernized FPGA platforms for development of next generation guidance, communications and imaging solutions.

With a 35 year heritage in high reliability and ruggedized environments, Lattice FPGAs play a vital role in high reliability and safety critical applications within the communications, data center, industrial, automotive, high-volume consumer, and defense markets.

Optimize SWAP-C in your system design with off-the-shelf FPGA products architected to offer low power and small footprint while supporting critical infrastructure applications and long product life.


  • Lowest soft error rate, 100X more reliable than competing bulk CMOS
  • Industry leading small form-factor (starting at 2.5mm x 2.5mm) and reduced pitch packages (starting at 0.4mm)
  • Superior power consumption compared to standard 28nm and other processes
  • Hardened security engine with secure Unique ID and Side Channel Resiliency
  • Design tools offer latest advanced design flows which facilitate secure, low power applications
  • Award winning solution stack portfolio that reduces design cycles

To learn how Lattice meets the technology needs of defense applications including leaded packages, extended operating temperature range and Known Good Die, contact sales.

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Example Applications

Guidance Systems

  • Programmable system integration with 5Gbps transceivers, embedded memory, DSP and MCU
  • Sensor fusion, any-to-any connectivity and embedded vision

Chain of Trust Implementation

  • Hardware Root-of-Trust is the first link in chain that protects mission critical compute and communication platforms
  • Hardened device configuration engine cryptographically authenticates MachXO3D’s configuration image at power-on
  • Embedded security block provides cryptographic functions to authenticate other platform firmware at power-on

Mixed Reality Head-Mount Display

  • Small form factor packaging to meet stringent signal processing requirements
  • Flexible interfaces to sensors, analog and RF front-ends

FPGAs Best Suited for Defense

  • CrossLink-NX
    The Crosslink-NX with low soft error rate and lowest power in its class enables efficient processing, bridging and management capabilities to solve challenging problems in Software Defined Radios, Guidance Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
  • MachXO3D
    The MachXO3D is the root of trust enabler with all required features onboard on a monolithic silicon with small footprint and low power that could be deployed in systems of all sizes, offering the most compact solution for untrusted supply chain.

Leaded Package Overview

Lattice products are offered with leaded packaging to eliminate the risk for tin-whisker and to improve reliability in presence of high shock and vibration applications.

Lattice Packages Wirebond Flip Chip
Wafer Pad or Bump Lead free Lead free
Substrate bump or pad finish Lead free Lead free
Caps No Caps No Caps
Substrate Solder Balls Leaded Leaded
Package Reflow Leaded Leaded

Known Good Die Product Overview

Lattice offers a wide variety of known good die products, tested to full data sheet specification within the specified temperature range with full traceability for each die shipped.

Family Logic Density Test Method Programmability Temperature Range
LatticeECP3 150K Known Good Die Volatile -40 C to 125 C
LatticeXP2 40K Good Die Non-volatile -40 C to 125 C
ECP5 85K Known Good Die Volatile -40 C to 125 C
MachXO3 10K Known Good Die Non-volatile -40 C to 105 C

Quality Programs

Lattice is committed to Industry Leadership in the supply of high quality programmable logic components and software design tools.

Commitment to Defense

Lattice is committed to providing the Defense market with industry’s most complete portfolio optimized for SWAP-C, longest product life cycle and dedicated local engineering support.


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